Fisher-Price Elmo Live: Infant/Preschool TOTY (Toy of the Year) winner features complex motions that give him a life-like quality. We wrote and recorded ten minutes of interactive content for this innovative plush, including original songs, stories, jokes, and one-liners. (Director of Content Design)

Fisher-Price’s Puppy Grows and Knows Your Name actually physically “grows” over time, and can be programmed to know your child’s name and its own name (which you pick). (Director of Content Design)

Fisher-Price Super Special Friends Kai-lan: Hold her hands and see her heart light up and glow. Each color reflects a different emotion. (Director of Content Design)

Magic Fortune Monkey by Gund: Developed personality and wrote humorous script for fortune-telling monkey.

Fisher-Price TMX Elmo: TOTY (Toy of the Year) winner! He laughs. A lot. (Director of Content Design)

GUND Vampy Vince: Wrote song lyrics and produced music for this spirited, dancing Halloween plush.

Dora & Friends Talking Dora and Smartphone, by Fisher-Price: Scripted multiple interactive adventure scenarios.

Night Before Christmas Cookie by Gund: Wrote a Muppety version of the classic story, interspersed with funny asides and SFX. “No worry. St. Nicholas a professional.”

GUND Peek A Boo Bear: Wrote the script and directed the talent recording for this adorable mechanized talking plush.

Glitz and Glam Minnie by Fisher-Price: Wrote play pattern and script for this electronic doll, which features a multi-color light-up bow.

Fantastic Gymnastics Dora by Fisher-Price: helped develop play pattern, physical routines, and script.

GUND Gridiron Fanatic: Wrote script and directed voice recording for this humorous mechanized plush superfan.

Fisher-Price Elmo Goes Potty: Wrote and produced play pattern, dialogue, songs and voice recordings for this sweet plush. Had the difficult task of determining what Elmo’s “tinkle” would sound like! :)